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World War II Binoculars with Classic 20th Century styling... Modern functionality..

Luxxoptica is a family owned business focused on restoring original World War II antique "Big Eye" optics in addition to creating our own fine optical instruments.  We focus on the classic styling and beauty that developed for "Big Eye" military binoculars in the early to mid 20th century.  We integrate superior technology and performance into functional pieces of art to be enjoyed...

We take our design inspiration from classic military designs of the past and bring them to you in a modern and beautiful presentation...  World War II was the peak period in Big Eye binocular design and production... We have done our best to improve the optical performance and to beautify the designs from that period and bring them to you.

Whether you are bird watching, long-range shooting, stargazing, or simply people watching from your penthouse apartment or beachside villa, you will find our optical instruments an amazing addition to your decor.


Our "Big Eye Binoculars" for sale are produced in very small quantities and typically have long lead times for restorations or our custom products.  If you have questions about our Big Eye Binoculars, have a certain style in mind, timeframe or ordering procedure, feel free to contact us. We will get back to you directly to discuss the details.

These antique original World War II binoculars have been meticulously restored through a pain staking process which can take 9-18 months on average.  If you have a special need or just a question about a specific binocular please contact us, as we love to discuss the rare and amazing optical instruments. 

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