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The Fuji Meibo 15 x 80 marine binoculars, perched majestically upon an Original Wild GST20 Heerbrug tripod.


Envision these optical marvels that boast a 15x magnification, peering into the soul of the world through an 80 mm objective lens. Each one, a testament to craftsmanship, bears the indelible stamp of Fuji Meibo and a serial number, 5384, as unique as a snowflake in a Siberian winter.

But oh, the journey these binoculars have embarked upon! A meticulous, almost Herculean restoration has been undertaken to restore their clarity, akin to the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea. The exterior, a labor of love, hand-stripped of its past, inch by painstaking inch, now gleams with a luster that rivals the chrome chariots of the gods.

Each binocular, not merely an instrument, but a story in itself, a narrative woven from the tapestry of forgotten battlefields and naval lore. Restored in our quaint workshop, nestled in the verdant heart of America, they are reborn.

And now, these binoculars await their next chapter, in a home or office, not just as a centerpiece, but as a unique beacon of history. With their individual serial markings, rest assured, this piece of magnificence, this one-of-a-kind collectible, is yours and yours alone, an exclusive jewel in the crown of any optical connoisseur.

Fuji Meibo

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