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In the realm of visual artistry and historical homage, Luxxoptica’s “Yamato” 20x120 model binoculars emerge as a majestic symphony of form and function. Echoing the legacy of World War II Japanese naval technology, these binoculars are more than a mere reproduction; they are a poetic reimagining of an era where precision optics shaped the tides of history. Every element of the "Yamato" whispers stories of the deep sea and skies, echoing the vigilant watch of sailors under the vast expanse of wartime heavens.


Crafted by the hands of artisans at Luxxoptica, who pour their soul into each creation, these binoculars are a modern-day ode to the mastery of Nippon Kogaku KK (“Nikko”) and the Tokyo Optical Company (“Toko”). As one gazes through these lenses, it is almost as if the whispers of the past are brought to life, revealing the secret watchfulness of those who peered through them on the decks of up to thirteen naval vessels during the war.


The “Yamato” is more than an instrument of vision; it is a piece of living history, an artistic installation that demands attention and stirs conversation. Its robust body, meticulously cast in aluminum and adorned with nickel plating, is not just a testament to durability but a canvas reflecting the aesthetics of an era long passed. Each component, from the carefully adjusted eyepieces to the expansive field of view, is a stanza in this visual poem.


Looming with a presence that transforms any room it graces, the "Yamato" is not simply placed but rather unveiled, its dimensions telling a tale of both might and grace. With its height adjustable between 56 and 78 inches, it is as though the instrument itself is reaching upwards, yearning for the stars it once surveyed.


The "Yamato" 20x120 is not just an offering from Luxxoptica; it is a piece of art, a beacon of luxury, and a tribute to the grandeur of history. In the presence of the "Yamato," one does not just see — one experiences the convergence of history, art, and the endless horizon.

"Yamato" - 20x120mm Bigeye Binoculars

SKU: 20x120-0deg
  • •Designed after NIKKO 20x120 design supplied to the Japanese Navy in World War II.  This style binocular was used on Japanese Naval vessels throughout the Pacific War theater during World War II.

    •Design circa 1939 - 20 x 120 Vintage Styling Binoculars

    •Field of view 156 ft @ 1000 yards – 3° degree field of view

    •Magnification 20x

    •120mm objective lenses

    •Design Type – Porro Prism

    •Fully adjustable eyepieces

    •360 degree azimuth view

    •Adjustable height

    •Head length 26”

    •Head width  12”

    •Head depth  8”

    •Weight ~60 lbs

    Over Height 56" - 78" (Tripod is adjustable)

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