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The "Midway" 15x100 model binoculars, meticulously crafted by Luxxoptica, epitomize a blend of historical reverence and modern-day precision. These binoculars are a high-end reproduction of the original military-grade optics that were a mainstay for the Japanese Navy during the turbulent years of World War II. Crafted with a reverence for historical accuracy, these binoculars are reproduced in a way that mirrors the quality and style of those produced nearly nine decades ago.


During the Second World War, this design was prominently used by the Japanese Imperial Navy, attributed to the Tokyo Optical Company, popularly known as "TOKO." These binoculars played a crucial role in naval strategy, with up to thirteen units mounted on various vessels. They served as vigilant eyes of the sea, continuously operated by sailors to guard against the looming threat of Allied aircraft.


The "Midway" 15x100 is not merely an optical instrument; it's a symbol of a bygone era, representing the pinnacle of wartime optical technology. Luxxoptica has gone to great lengths to ensure that each aspect of this binocular echoes the quality and design of its historical counterpart.


Key Features:


  • Solid Construction: The binoculars feature a robust single body cast in a solid piece made from nickel-plated aluminum and brass, ensuring durability and a brilliant finish.
  • Optical Excellence: Utilizing high-quality optical grade optics, these binoculars offer clear and precise viewing capabilities.
  • Vintage Design: Reflecting a design from circa 1938, the binoculars evoke a sense of historical significance and authenticity.
  • Versatile Viewing: A 360-degree azimuth view and fully adjustable eyepieces provide a comprehensive field of vision.
  • Mounting Options: Accompanied by a solid nickel-plated aluminum mount and a teak tripod with nickel-plated hardware, these binoculars offer flexibility in display and use.
  • Specifications: With a magnification of 15x and 100mm objective lenses, these binoculars provide a broad field of view (~315 ft at 1000 yards, 6° degree).


Luxxoptica's dedication to quality and historical accuracy makes the "Midway" 15x100 binoculars not just an optical tool, but a piece of living history, ready to be cherished as a unique and functional nautical artifact.

"Midway" - 15x100mm Bigeye binocular

SKU: 15x100-0deg
  • •Manufactured to the highest quality standards

    •High-quality optics

    •Nickel Plated Aluminum and Brass Body

    •Solid Nickel Plated Aluminum Mount

    •Solid Teak Tripod

    •Circa 1942 vintage design- 15 x 100 Vintage Design Binoculars

    •Field of view 315 ft @ 1000 yards – 6° degree

    •Magnification 15x

    •100mm objective lenses

    •Design Type – Porro Prism

    •Fully adjustable eyepieces

    •360 degree azimuth view

    •Adjustable height

    •Head length 17.5”

    •Head width  10”

    •Head depth  5”

    •Weight 48 lbs

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