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The Nikko 15 x 80 mm binoculars with 60-degree inclined oculars are a testament to the innovative advancements in Japanese military optics during World War II. As the third model in their range of 80mm objective lens binoculars, these binoculars were an evolution of the earlier 10 x 60, 60-degree inclined models. The real field of view of 4 degrees, combined with an apparent field angle of 60 degrees, provided users with a wider and more immersive visual experience, crucial for strategic observations in military operations.


Constructed in the late 1930's and early 194o's, these binoculars were a key component of the Japanese naval equipment. Measuring approximately 18 inches in length and 8.5 inches in width, they are distinguished by their significant size and heft, a characteristic feature of the period's military hardware. This design was aimed at maximizing comfort and efficiency for operators who spent long hours in skyward observation, a critical aspect of naval warfare.


Interestingly, these binoculars have transcended their original military use and have become sought-after pieces for collectors and enthusiasts. When fully restored, they are popular as functional decorations in high-end homes. Their imposing size, coupled with the historical significance and superior craftsmanship, makes them an exceptional and intriguing addition to any sophisticated interior. The typical origial greenish-gray finish of these binoculars has been transformed in Luxxoptica's meticulous restoration process to expose the beauty of the base metals  by polsihing them to a brilliant finish that is plated in nickel that often complements any contemporary decor, blending a touch of historical intrigue with modern aesthetics. The meticulous restoration process not only revives the functionality of these binoculars but also preserves their authenticity and historical value, making them not just a tool of the past but a cherished artifact for the present.


Adding to the rich history and craftsmanship of these Nikko 15 x 80 mm binoculars,  Luxxoptica has taken the restoration and presentation of these historical pieces to another level. Luxxoptica specializes in creating custom mounts and castings for these vintage binoculars, transforming them into unique, luxurious artifacts that are highly valued by wealthy families and collectors.


The custom mounts designed by Luxxoptica are more than just functional stands; they are works of art in their own right. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these mounts often incorporate high-quality materials and innovative designs that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the binoculars. The result is a seamless blend of historical significance and contemporary elegance, making these restored binoculars a statement piece in any setting.


Additionally, the castings and CNC mounts created by Luxxoptica are tailor-made to preserve the integrity and uniqueness of each pair of binoculars. These custom designs ensure that the binoculars are not only displayed in a visually striking manner but also protected and preserved for future generations. This level of care and craftsmanship elevates these restored binoculars from mere forgotten antiques to cherished family heirlooms, passed down through generations of wealthy families.


In summary, the combination of Luxxoptica's custom mounts and castings with the historical significance and superior craftsmanship of the original Nikko 15 x 80 mm binoculars creates a unique, luxurious artifact. These pieces are not just functional decorations but are also symbols of heritage and prestige, making them coveted items among collectors and affluent families.

15 x 80 - 60 Degree - Nikko

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