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The Cold War era Zeiss periscope binoculars stand as a monumental achievement in optical engineering, a shining example of the technological prowess and meticulous craftsmanship that Carl Zeiss is renowned for. These instruments, with their exquisitely engineered internal gearing, allowed for both micro and macro level adjustments. This precise control enabled observers to have an unobstructed and detailed view over the Berlin Wall during the Cold War, making them indispensable tools in espionage and surveillance.


Boasting a formidable 10x magnification and a generous 50mm objective lens aperture, these binoculars provided unparalleled clarity and breadth of vision. Such specifications ensured that even the most minute details could be observed from a safe distance, an essential capability during the tense years of the Cold War.


The engineering skill of Carl Zeiss is manifest in every aspect of these periscopes, from their sophisticated internal mechanisms to their robust and sleek design. The body, crafted from polished aluminum, not only imparts a timeless elegance but also assures durability and longevity. This combination of form and function speaks to the legacy of Zeiss as a pioneer in optical technology.


Active on the front lines of history, these periscopes were in use on the Berlin Wall until its momentous fall in 1989. They are not just tools of observation; they are witnesses to history, having played a critical role in one of the 20th century's most defining periods.


Today, these Zeiss periscope binoculars are not only coveted for their historical significance but also for their exceptional optical performance. They remain a testament to the unparalleled engineering and design capabilities of Carl Zeiss, offering collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to own a piece of Cold War history. These periscopes are more than mere instruments; they are a tribute to the relentless pursuit of precision and excellence that defines the Zeiss legacy. Reasonable offers for these masterpieces of engineering and history are entertained, presenting a unique opportunity to acquire a true icon of optical innovation.

Zeiss Periscope 10x50

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