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  • The Russian TZK Cold War era binoculars, a distinguished relic of military history, have been exquisitely restored by the experts at Luxxoptica, a family-owned business renowned for their dedication to reviving World War II "Big Eye" optics. Each binocular undergoes countless hours of meticulous restoration, where every surface is refined and polished to achieve a brilliant, mirror-like finish. The restoration is not merely superficial; Luxxoptica ensures that all optics are fully restored to their original specifications, preserving the authenticity and functionality of these historic pieces.

    These particular binoculars, an indispensable tool for border and field armed forces, boast a rich military heritage. Often brought back to the United States as treasured war trophies by servicemen, they hold a unique place in history. Designed initially for target detection by anti-aircraft batteries, fire correction, and calculating the angular deflection of anti-aircraft shell explosions or tracer ammunition, these binoculars were vital in the heat of combat.

    Key features of these Russian TZK 10x80-45 degree binoculars include:

  • A 10x80mm magnification offering a comprehensive view of the battlefield.
  • Eyepieces inclined at a 45-degree angle relative to the optical axis of the objective lenses, ensuring optimal viewing comfort.
  • The light path of the monocular diverted at 45 degrees, facilitating strategic observations.
  • Wide-angle eyepieces featuring comfortable eye relief and diopter adjustments, accommodating eyeglass wearers effortlessly.
  • A reticle and scales that are illuminated for enhanced visibility during low-light observations.
  • A generous field of view of 7 degrees, with an eye relief of 17mm, allowing for extensive surveillance.
  • A robust and elegant nickel-plated solid brass and aluminum body, exemplifying both durability and sophistication.
  • Mounted on a sturdy and classic teak surveyor's tripod, adding stability and a touch of elegance to its presentation.
  • Resurrected from their martial past, these binoculars now stand as a testament to the technological innovation of the era and Luxxoptica's unmatched skill in restoration. In their new incarnation, they not only serve as a functional tool but also as a collector's item and a decorative piece, perfect for the most distinguished of homes or collections.

TZK Russian Military Cold War Binoculars - 10x80mm, 60° Incline

    • Originally designed for the detection of targets by anti-aircraft batteries, fire correction, and determining the angular deflection of the explosions of anti-aircraft shells or tracer ammunition
    • 10x80mm augmented by a 8x commander's monocular
    • Eyepieces inclined 60 degrees relative to the optical axis of the objective lenses
    • Light path of the monocular diverted is 40 degrees
    • Wide-angle eyepieces feature comfortable eye relief and diopter adjustments for eyeglass wearers
    • Reticle and scales are illuminated for low-light observations.
    • Field of view is 7 degrees with, an eye relief of 17mm.
    • Nickel-plated solid brass and aluminum body
    • Mounted on a teak surveyor's tripod
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