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The Nikko 1937 - 20x120-20 degree WWII Original Bigeye Binoculars represent a pinnacle of wartime optical engineering, meticulously restored by Luxxoptica's skilled craftsmen. These binoculars, used by the Japanese Navy during World War II, are not just optical instruments but also historical artifacts. They symbolize an era where acute long-range vision was pivotal in naval warfare.


The binoculars boast a powerful 20x magnification, coupled with an expansive 120mm objective lens diameter, allowing for exceptional clarity and precision. This high degree of magnification was critical in spotting distant objects at sea, making these binoculars indispensable tools for naval reconnaissance and target identification. The 20-degree inclined eyepieces were innovatively designed for comfortable, prolonged observations, a feature that sets these binoculars apart in the realm of military optics.


Luxxoptica's restoration process has revived these binoculars to their original glory. The intricate procedure involves several stages: meticulously repairing and improving each surface, followed by a careful polishing process that restores the binoculars' luster. The final step involves nickel plating, not only to protect the binoculars from the elements but also to give them a brilliant, lasting finish that mirrors their historical significance.


Moreover, Luxxoptica ensures that all optical elements are fully restored to their original specifications. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that the binoculars' performance remains as formidable as it was during WWII. The Porro prism design, a hallmark of the era's optical engineering, is preserved and restored, ensuring that these binoculars provide the same level of optical precision as they did decades ago.

These binoculars, now restored, serve as a testament to Luxxoptica's dedication to preserving historical artifacts. They offer a rare opportunity to own a piece of history, a blend of technological innovation and skilled craftsmanship, ready to be cherished by collectors, historians, and anyone with an appreciation for military history and optical engineering.


Despite the challenges in accessing more detailed technical information, the description above aims to capture the essence of the Nikko 1937 binoculars and the exceptional restoration work done by Luxxoptica.

Nikko 1937 - 20x120-20 degree WWII Original Bigeye Binoculars

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