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Immerse yourself in the world of exceptional craftsmanship and historical elegance with the Nikon 20x120 Type II bigeye binoculars, meticulously restored by the skilled artisans at Luxxoptica. Devoting countless hours to each piece, these craftsmen have lovingly revived the binoculars, enhancing their surfaces to a state of unparalleled brilliance and luster. The restoration process is thorough and precise, encompassing both cosmetic rejuvenation and technical refinement.


These antique binoculars feature a unique high prism housing configuration, a testament to Nikon's commitment to superior optical engineering. The barrels, cast in one seamless piece, offer maximum rigidity. This design intricacy ensures the highest level of collimation even under the most challenging conditions, a critical factor for maintaining impeccable visual accuracy.


The optics of these binoculars, a crucial aspect of their functionality, have been fully restored to their original specifications by a qualified US Naval optician. This painstaking process ensures that each lens and prism within these binoculars operates at peak performance, offering clarity and precision that rival modern optics.

Adding to their allure, the binoculars have been plated in nickel, providing a stunning finish that resists dulling over time. This treatment not only enhances their appearance but also serves to protect these historical pieces from the elements, ensuring their longevity and continued performance.


As a focal point in any setting, these Nikon 20x120 Type II bigeye binoculars transition seamlessly from a tool of optical excellence to a piece of functional art. Their presence in your home or office will command attention and admiration, serving as a conversation piece rich in history and craftsmanship.


Accompanied by a choice of mounting options, including a fully adjustable polished cast aluminum monopod, these binoculars are adaptable to various display preferences. Their versatility and timeless design make them a coveted item for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Luxxoptica's commitment to preserving and celebrating historical optics is evident in every detail of these restored Nikon binoculars. Reasonable offers are entertained, inviting connoisseurs and historians alike to own a piece of optical history, beautifully restored and ready to be admired and utilized for generations to come.

20x120 Nikon Type II - Bigeye Binoculars Original Antique

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