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Step into a world where history and luxury intertwine with the US Navy 20 x 120 Mark III Mod IV Big Eye Binoculars. These majestic instruments, originally stationed on the retired deck of the USS Nassau aircraft carrier, have been given a new lease on life through a museum-grade restoration by the esteemed craftsmen at Luxxoptica.


Originally designed for naval prowess, these binoculars were an essential tool for spotting distant threats and opportunities on the vast ocean. The Mark III Mod IV version, a refinement of its predecessors, boasts a staggering 20x magnification and a 120mm diameter objective lens. Such specifications allowed for an unparalleled clarity and depth of vision, crucial during intense naval operations.


In their new life, these binoculars have been transformed from utilitarian tools into objects of incredible beauty and historical significance. Luxxoptica's restoration process has been meticulous, respecting the heritage and original design while infusing a touch of modern elegance. The optics have been fully restored, ensuring that they not only look impeccable but also function as they did during their days of naval service.


What truly sets these binoculars apart are the custom cast and machined mounts. These mounts are not mere stands but pieces of art in themselves, echoing the binoculars' historic significance and magnificence. The result is a seamless integration of functionality and aesthetic appeal, perfect for the most affluent and discerning collectors.


These binoculars are more than an antique; they are a piece of history, having witnessed the throes of war and the peace that followed. Now, they find themselves as the centerpiece in the homes of the elite, a beacon of history, craftsmanship, and luxury. The brilliant mirror finish, a signature of Luxxoptica's unparalleled restoration process, ensures that these binoculars catch the eye and captivate the imagination.


Owning a piece like this is more than a statement—it is a commitment to preserving history. These binoculars, once instrumental in the Navy's quests, now serve as a testament to the ingenuity and resilience of the past. They are not just optical instruments; they are storytelling artifacts, each glance through their lenses a journey through time. In the most illustrious of homes, they stand as a symbol of both historical reverence and opulent luxury, a legacy passed down through generations.


20x magnification

120mm diameter objective lenses


US Navy 20 x 120 Mark III Mod IV - Big Eye Binoculars

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