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Nikko 150mm BigEye binoculars were only used on the largest and most valuable Japanese battleships.  Produced in the mid 1930's for the Japanese Imperial navy, these original World War II binoculars by Nikko feature  18.8 times magnification, through 150 mm triple element Cooke objectives with a 3-degree field of view.  It is an extremely rare piece.


These binoculars are extremely rare and were only found on the large Japanese battleships.  These were recovered by a US Naval Commander after U.S. Armed Forces in the World War II Pacific Theater demilitarized the Imperial Japanese Navy.  


The binoculars were acquired from the Commander's descendants in 2019 and went through an extensive 18-month restoration process to bring them to the magnificent condition displayed here today.  


These are a truly rare item that will highlight any room and will become a family heirloom for centuries to come.


At almost 1 meter in length, these binoculars will be "THE" statement piece for any room.


Please contact us directly to discuss purchasing.


Literature: Militärische Ferngläser und Fernrohre in Heer, Luftwaffe und Marine : Military binoculars and telescopes in Army , Air Force and Navy / Hans Seeger. Pages: 274 & 275


18.8x150mm-0deg - Nikko Original World War II Big Eye Binoculars

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