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Luxxoptica's restoration of this original military bigeye binocular optical instrument, an iconic tool from the World War II era, is a masterclass in preserving and revitalizing historical artifacts. Utilized extensively by the German military, particularly mounted on tanks for anti-aircraft observation, these binoculars represent a significant chapter in wartime optical technology.


This piece features a formidable 12x magnification, paired with an impressive 60mm diameter objective lens, a powerful combination that offered unparalleled clarity and detail for long-range surveillance. This capability was critical for a range of tactical applications, including target acquisition, reconnaissance, and artillery spotting, proving indispensable in the heat of battle.


Luxxoptica’s artisans have painstakingly restored this instrument, dedicating countless hours to revitalize every surface, polishing it to a mirror-like finish, and subsequently plating it in nickel for a durable and timeless aesthetic. The restoration extends to the optics, which have been meticulously returned to their original specifications, ensuring that the binocular retains its original functionality and precision.


To meet diverse operational needs, this binocular comes with multiple mounting options. These include a Tripod High Mount for enhanced elevation, a Table Top Mount for precise, level observation, and a Tripod Low Mount for use in situations where a lower vantage point is preferred.


This binocular is not just a restored optical instrument; it's a piece of living history, encapsulating the ingenuity and strategic brilliance of World War II’s technological landscape. Now available for purchase, Luxxoptica invites collectors, military history enthusiasts, and aficionados of vintage military equipment to acquire this exceptional piece, a testament to both historical significance and unmatched craftsmanship. It stands ready to be the centerpiece of any collection, offering both a functional utility and a historical narrative, meticulously restored to its former glory.


Reasonable offers for this exquisitely restored, historically significant optical instrument are welcomed, providing a rare opportunity to own a tangible piece of World War II history.


Reasonable offers will be entertained

12x60 Flak Bigeye Binoculars

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