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In the grand tradition of military excellence and optical innovation, the 10x80 German flak bigeye binoculars, magnificently restored by the esteemed artisans at Luxxoptica, are a striking blend of history and craftsmanship. These binoculars, originally mounted on German anti-aircraft units, have been revived with unparalleled attention to detail, their metal surfaces meticulously polished and plated in nickel to achieve a resplendent sheen. The optics, revitalized by a US Navy Optician, offer an exceptional field of view and optical performance, mirroring the original specifications of these historic artifacts.


Perched upon a custom altitude adjustment mount and elegantly displayed on a beautiful teak tripod, these binoculars are a marvel of engineering and design. The 10x80 binoculars were a significant German innovation, originating from a 1936 request for high-capacity observational tools. Esteemed firms like Emil Busch, Moeller Wedel, and Ernst Leitz vied for the honor, with Busch triumphantly securing the contract and commencing production of the 45° 10 X 80 Doppelfernrohr (double telescope) from 1936 through 1945.


In the throes of World War II, production extended across Germany and occupied Poland, with each pair bearing a unique code that denoted its manufacturer. These codes – from beh (E Leitz, Wetzlar) to cxn (E. Busch, Rathenow) – serve as historical fingerprints, signifying each binocular's origin and military pedigree.


Not just military tools, these binoculars were adaptable, used on land for anti-aircraft rangefinding and at sea to track aerial threats. Perched atop Berlin's formidable flak towers, they were integral to Germany's defensive strategy. The 45° angled oculars eased the strain of prolonged observation, essential during endless hours of vigilant watch.


Innovatively equipped with three adjustable sun filters, these binoculars were primed for combat under the harshest of conditions, adept at reducing glare – a feature equally beneficial in contemporary settings. The 18mm eyepiece lenses deliver an expansive field of view and luminous clarity, attributes that originally secured Busch's military contract.

Accompanied by a suite of accessories – from adjustable eyepieces to hairline sight lenses – and mounted on a robust tripod, these binoculars have transcended their martial roots. Today, they are revered as functional art pieces, imbuing any space with historical gravitas and serving as a centerpiece for both indoor and outdoor observational pursuits.


The 45° 10 X 80 WWII Flak binoculars, once pivotal in war, now command attention as magnificent conversation pieces, enchanting onlookers with their storied past and impeccable restoration. They are a testament to Luxxoptica's dedication to preserving the past, ensuring that these icons of military history continue to dazzle and inspire for generations to come.

10x80 Flak 45 degree Bigeye Binoculars

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