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Luxxoptica's restoration of the KRIEGSMARINE U-BOAT DECK MOUNTED BIGEYE BINOCULARS - CARL ZEISS JENA 10 X 80 -20° is nothing short of a revival of a masterpiece. These binoculars, integral to the German Kriegsmarine’s operations during WWII, were used alongside flak anti-aircraft guns. Built robustly to be proof- and watertight, their optical performance remains extraordinarily good, even decades later.


The restorers at Luxxoptica, dedicating countless hours to their craft, have meticulously polished and nickel-plated these binoculars, enhancing their durability while achieving a mirror finish that withstands the test of time. The restoration extends beyond aesthetics to functionality, with all optics fully restored to their original high standards.


Notable Features of the Restored Binoculars:


  • Type: Carl Zeiss Jena 10x80 -20°, crafted during 1939-1940.
  • Eyepieces: Inclined at 20°, perfect for horizon viewing and extreme range spotting.
  • Objective Lenses: 80mm in diameter, Porro prism 2 design.
  • Magnification: 10x, offering superior long-distance clarity.
  • Field of View: 122 x 100 meters (7°).
  • Built-in Filters: Day and night filters for varying light conditions.
  • Optics: Coated for enhanced clarity.
  • Size: Length of 54 cm (21½ inches), width of 26 cm (10 inches).
  • Frame and Mount: Open framed range finder, port for reticule illuminator, air drying system, desiccator caps.
  • Eyepieces Adjustments: Adjustable for focus and interocular distance.


These binoculars, mounted on a custom fully adjustable stand, become more than just an optical tool; they transform into a functional piece of art, embodying a blend of historical significance and contemporary craftsmanship.


Luxxoptica’s restoration pays homage to Carl Zeiss's legacy of optical excellence. The 10X80 20° binoculars were pivotal for spotting enemy aircraft from U-Boats, showcasing unmatched clarity and versatility under varying light conditions. The use of filters and large apertures contributed to their effectiveness in combat.


The intricate coding system used during WWII to keep the manufacturing locations secret adds to the mystique of these binoculars. The codes like blc, eug, and mlr each tell a story of the manufacturer's contribution to optical technology during a tumultuous period.


These restored binoculars are a testament to the enduring quality of Carl Zeiss's optics and Luxxoptica's commitment to preserving historical artifacts. As a functional statement piece, they offer a glimpse into history and serve as a conversation starter, making them a prized possession for any collector or enthusiast. Luxxoptica welcomes reasonable offers for these exceptional binoculars, offering an opportunity to own a piece of World War II history, brought back to life through skilled restoration.

10x80 20 degree Kriegsmarine U-Boat Bigeye Binoculars

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