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Nikko 50 + 83 x 250 mm Turret Binoculars


Two 50 + 83 x 250 double magnification turret binoculars were manufactured by the Nikko firm during the early 1940's. The real field of these instruments is 1.12 degrees at 50 x and .44 degrees at 83 x. It is assumed that these two instruments were originally designed for use as spotting binoculars on one of the larger Japanese battleships, but the ship was destroyed before the fitting could take place. They were then transported to the Russo-Japanese front and tripod-mounted for use in artillery spotting. One binocular was destroyed in action and the other was returned to Japan before the end of hostilities. Binocular No. 1 is now housed at the National Science Museum in Tokyo. The double magnification turret assemblies have been replaced with a single magnification arrangement. The specifications are now 40 x 250. It is manufactured of brass and weighs over 300 pounds without the mounting. Refer to Nippon Kogaku's History of 50 Years.

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